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Around 8 o’clock in the morning I patrol the park. While I go through the campground I usually get a lot of good mornings and hellos. Well this morning a young kid probably about 8 years old said “hey Mr. Ranger!” I waved to him and said good morning. I passed by his site a second time and he said hey Mr. Ranger a little louder. I smiled and waved. The third time I heard him, I was about 20 campsites down driving away from him. He screamed at the top of his lungs, “BYE MR. RANGER!” I love my job.

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Counting down the hours till I get to see katie tomorrow.
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Pigeon Feathers by River Whyless

Saw them last night at Legends. Great performers and even better people. Went to school at App State but live in Asheville and are currently on a cross country tour.

Give their newest album a listen, k?


This band came and played my freshman year at Brevard College. They were previously called Do it to Julia. They are awesome. Check them out.